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Forme Collective is your ultimate destination for all things skin. Using a curated blend of Prologic skincare tailored to  your unique skin needs. Allow us to provide the treatment you deserve while you take a moment to relax, take a deep breath, pause the mind while achieving radiant, healthy and glowing skin. 

  • Tailored Restorative Treatment

    1 hr

    From 179 Australian dollars
  • Lymphatic & Buccal Facial

    1 hr 30 min

    330 Australian dollars
  • Facial Cupping & Lymphatic Drainage

    1 hr 30 min

    From 199 Australian dollars
  • Skin Consultation (In-Studio OR Online)

    1 hr

    From 79 Australian dollars
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Tailored Restorative Treatment

Tailored specifically to your skin’s needs on the day of your appointment. Spend this time restoring your skin while calming your mind.

Starting with an in depth consultation before your treatment, performed with intention within each touch. We use a curated blend of Prologic Skincare to target your skin concerns on the day of your appointment and achieve your skin goals.

Take a moment to pause; stepping away from the rest of the world, silencing the mind while we take care of your skin!



Lymphatic & Buccal Facial

The NEOLIFTING© Buccal Treatment is a holistic approach to modern beauty. Working both superficially on the face and inter-orally (buccal).


SCULPT helps balance your nervous system, release stored emotion, drain lymphatic system, restores facial posture (smoothing fine lines) and increases cell elasticity and regeneration.


A welcomed bonus is the potential for a ‘natural facelift' thanks to increased blood circulation, enhanced skin texture, and balanced muscle tone. Leaving you looking and feeling sculpted.

Skin Consult


Facial Cupping & Lymphatic Drainage


In-Studio or Online

Indulge in a rejuvenating facial combining the therapeutic benefits of lymphatic drainage and facial cupping techniques. A treatment tailored to your unique skins needs to RESTORE your natural skin's radiance.


Experience the benefits of lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness, eliminate toxins and promote overall skin health while the gentle suction of facial cupping promotes blood circulation, enhances collagen production and tones facial muscles.


The combination of the two techniques will help detoxify the skin, reduce inflammation and leave you with a glowing complexion.

Want to develop a deeper understanding of your skin?
Overwhelmed and don't know where to start? We've got you!

Our in studio consultation allows us to dive deeper into your skin concerns and the contributing factors inc. diet, stress, environment. Followed by a 30min facial to get the full understanding of what is currently happening topically within your skin.

Leave feeling empowered and educated about your skin needs and a customized skincare ritual to help support your skin journey.

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